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Convection ovens

Gas convection oven with steamer F70G

Code: F70G

Gas Hot Air Oven with steamer mod.F70G is characterized of high performance,economy and impressing design. It can reach maximum temperature in minimum time  The oven’s function is based in a constant internal circulation of hot air produced by one fan rotating also clockwise and anticlockwise .The desired temperature can be selected by high performance thermostatic switch and is supervised through digital dial.In its stainless steel roasting chamber steam can be conveyed,making this oven ideal for any kind of food.The modern designed double-glazed door allows easy and safe visual checking.It’s capacity is 5 trays 60x40cm or 5 GN1/1.

Length (mm) 990
Depth (mm) 900
Height (mm) 690
Weight (kg) 83
Internal size(mm) 700x490x440
Power (kW) 8
Gas consumption(kg/h) 0,625
Natural gas consumption(m3/h) 0,844
Heat(kcal/h) 6880