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Gas and Electric Rotating Pizza Ovens

Gas Pizza Oven with Rotating Decks and base mod.RP2

Code: RP2

Gas pizza ovens with rotating ceramic deck,curved glass frames and internal lighting which offers direct visual checking of baking procedure.
The main characteristics of RP ovens are productivity,economy and impressive design.
They produce perfect pizza,pasta in a tray,calzone etc. in minimum time.
The desired temperature can be selected by high performance thermostatic switch and is supervised through digital thermometer.
Model RP is produced with single deck(RP1) and double deck(RP2).Every oven is accompanied by its base.
The construction is made exclusively of stainless steel and allocates all safety systems according the international regulations.

Length (mm) 1280
Depth (mm) 1090
Height (mm) 1650
Weight with base(kg) 250
Internal Deck dimensions(mm) 2x(Φ 980)
Power (kW) 24
Gas consumption(kg/h) 1,891
Natural gas consumption(m3/h) 2,532
Electric connection Yes