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Cone pizza


Moulding machines for cone pizza

Electric Cone Pizza Moulder PC4

Code: PC4

Electric moulding machine(produced in models with 2 and 4 positions) gives the ability for baking the dough in cone shape in minimum time(1 minute).Afterwards the user adds in dough with cone shape all ingredients for pizza and put the product in heating chamber of SER GAS hot air ovens for 4 to 5 minutes.
The device is produced completely from stainless steel, has two thermostats for controlling the temperature,timer with sound warning,general switch and indicative lamps.It is produced according the international safety regulations

You can watch the whole procedure from following video:

Length (mm) 295
Depth (mm) 550
Height (mm) 770
Weight (kg) 25
Power (kW) 1,6
Electrical connection 230V~50-60Hz