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Pizza gas ovens

Gas pizza oven FG4

Code: FG4

An oven for the pizzeria with big demands. Its main characteristics are economy, safety and stability.
The special design of it's casing gives the ability to increase maximmum temperature in minimum time and keep it stable even the user opens and closes the door continuously.
The desired temperature can be selected by high safety thermostatic switch.
The door is similar like in bakery ovens for easy loading and unloading.
Its capacity is 4 pizzas of 30 cm diameter.

Length (mm) 910
Depth (mm) 860
Height (mm) 550
Weight (kg) 51
Internal size(mm) 610x610x170
Power (kW) 8
Gas consumption(kg/h) 0,625
Natural gas consumption(m3/h) 0,844
Heat(kcal/h) 6880
Electric connection Yes