Gas Deep Fryer GF20

Code: GF20

They have a single or double bowl respectively, and a capacity of 10 litres. There is a basket and lid to cover the oil when not in use.They are supplied with a reserve safety thermostat so that even if the regular thermostat malfunctions, they will automatically cease to operate thus preventing any undesirable consequences.

The recommended level of oil is indicated inside the bowl, which can be easily emptied out through the special safety valve. The lower part of the bowl is specially designed to create a zone of cool air which is continuously directed towards the volume of oil through the help of a rotating blade, resulting in uniform and healthy frying. It also serves to collect all residue which is then easily removed through the valve.

All manufacturing materials ensure ideal conditions of hygiene and can withstand long-term use.

Length (mm) 750
Depth (mm) 650
Height (mm) 440
Weight (kg) 57
Bowl size(lt) 2x10
Burners 2
Power (kW) 14
LPG consumption (kg/h) 1,607
Heating power (kcal/h) 17544
Natural gas consumption(m3/h) 2,152