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Standard cooking lines


Series 750

Gas cooker FC4S7-LINE 750

Code: FC4S7

Sets of two four and six gas ranges by SER GAS which belong to this group of appliances, can either be provided individually or combined with an oven for use as professional cookers.Mod. FC6FS7 in fact, besides having six ranges and an oven, is also provided with a heating cabinet which keeps cooked food warm through the induction of heat from the oven. These products are especially reliable and equipped with enamelled pan supports and cast iron burners of a high performance. They are all provided with safety systems (switch - temperature cut-out - pilot) and are manufactured from materials approved by international regulations. Oven burners are made ofl stainless steel which has been specially processed by laser.Also baking chamber of oven is made of stainless steel and τhe whole appliance stands on adjustable supports .

Length (mm) 800
Depth (mm) 750
Height (mm) 340
Weight (kg) 65
Ranges 4
Power (kW) 28
Ranges 7,5kW+5,5kW 3+1
LPG consumption (kg/h) 2,026
Natural gas consumption(m3/h) 3,03