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Standard cooking lines


Series 900

SERIES 900 includes all the appliances needed by the modern professional in order to create a completed top class professional kitchen.
The finished stainless steel in combination with the evolved design offer excellent conditions of hygiene and ergonomy. Their curved surfaces give an aesthetic supremacy and also allow easy cleaning and avoidance of build-up of cooking residues in points like notches and closed corners.Their stiff construction and the high standards quality of their parts guarantee safety, reliability and high output for many years.
SERIES 900 includes cookers with or without oven, griddle plates, lava grills, fryers, kettles, Tilting bratt pans and auxiliary appliances as Baign Marie, Potato warmer and Neutral element. The various models are available to be installed on a table or in combination with cupboards. They can be linked to each other either side by side or back-to-back creating combinations capable to cover every need on professional cooking.